French Bread Making Machine Baguette Moulder

French Bread Making Machine Baguette Moulder
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More than 10 years' experience in making quality french bread making machine baguette moulder

, MOOHA now brings you french bread making machine baguette moulder which comes in

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french bread making machine pressing forming dough baguette moulder


power supply380V/220V,50Hz
dough range50-1250g /piece
output1200pcs dough/hour
front conveying beltperimeter1132mm.width 730mm,thickness 8mm
front conveying belt speed46m/min
back conveying beltperimeter1292mm.width 730mm,thickness 8mm
back conveying belt speed39m/min
size 1010 x 960 x 1850 mm 
weight 284kg 


Shaping dough into long sticks.Perfect for the production of baguettes, finger rollers, long-loaves, petit pans, hot dogs and various other sized breads.


This kind of French bread molder is the special dough molder for bread making, which can roll press, roll up, rub and shape dough into sticks.It can meet your shape requirements after rolling press and rubbing dough according to the diameter and length of your products.

From dough weight 50g to 1250g, about 1200 PCS each other.

Easy operation, high efficiency and excellant result, which is a good helper for French bread.

Usage range

The baguette French bread moulder is a flexible moulder for production of French baguettes and other long breads in the medium-sized and small-sized bakeries.

French Bread Making Machine Pressing Forming Dough Baguette Moulder

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