Hot Air Circulation Conveyor Pizza Oven

commercial hot air circulation conveyor pizza oven ,suitable for baking 9inch , 12 inch ,18 inch sizes pizza. Electric and gas model avilable

Product Details

Hot Air Circulation Conveyor Pizza Ovenconew_queen oven  (5)_conew1.jpg

Parameter :

Fule Electric Gas(LPG)
Voltage3N 380v 50hz 220v 50hz 
Power consumption 10kw 0.89kg/h
conveyor belt width46cm 46cm 
temperature range 100-280C100-280C
size 1500 x 945 x 470mm1500 x 945 x 470 mm
weight 127 kg 132kg 

Features :

1.made of 304 stainless steel , strong and durable
2.large baking area,can bake 18 inch (46cm) pizza
3.LCD display, easy to operate, accurately control temperature
4.Advanced hot air recovery and heating technology, fast heating, less heat loss, uniform baking
5.Adjustable conveyor belt speed
6.Multi-position heat dissipation, effectively maintaining the reasonable temperature of the machine and avoiding machine damage
7.multifunctions: can be used for baking pizza ,bread ,cake ,chicken

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