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32 Trays Rotary Baking Oven From Shanghai Mooha

Nov 19, 2018

At present, there are many types of oven in the market, but the basic structure is similar, which is generally composed of box body, electric heating system and automatic temperature control system.The personage inside course of study points out, must prevent cross pollution in hot air circulation oven and design, because double door oven, one door is set in 100 thousand class, one door is set in 100 class.The environmental level corresponding to sterility requirements such as pharmacy is 100, so the whole process of oven sterilization and heat removal must be carried out under the protection of laminar flow 100.


In creating the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, hot air circulation drying oven equipment manufacturing enterprises must upgrade innovation, by improving structure of drying oven, reasonable distribution of hot air flow and circulation mode, increase in hot air circulation drying oven filter, narrow chamber temperature, reduce the energy consumption and optimize the purification of body internal environment, so as to highlight the advantage of equipment, to stand out in the market.It is understood that the domestic hot air circulation oven in China has been upgraded for many times, and many excellent suppliers have launched the oven equipment has reached the advanced level at home and abroad.