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Baking Oven Electric Type 4 Layers 4 Trays (YXD-F9AX4)

Mar 30, 2018

Basic Info.


Model NO.:YXD-F9AX4




Capacity:4 Layers 4 Trays


Tray Size:400 X 600 Mm




Specification:4 Layers 4trays




HS Code:84172000

Electric Oven .jpg


Product Description

Baking Oven Electric Type 4 Layers 4 Trays (YXD-F9AX4)

Pan quntity: 4
Pan size: 400 x 600mm
Voltage: 220V
Power: 0.2KW
Net weight: 155kg
(Equip with four free trays).


1. Microcomputer Control Panel with rocker switch appears luxurious and good-looking.
2. The surface fire and bottom fire apply separate poles control with a separate burner for convenient operation.
3. Microcomputer control pulse ignition and flame supervision system with high ignition rate, extinguishing for accidents or for dead utensils and automatic alarm for safety and comfort.
4. It uses liquefied petroleum gas for fuel for high burning thermal efficiency and saving energy.
5. Human-based Sliding Door with layered glass window for supervising the baking conditions at all times.
6. Heating pane is for effectively protecting it and prolonging its span.
7. Caster wheel is convenient and an economy of effort.

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