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A detailed explanation of advantages and disadvantages of direct - cooling ice blocker and brine ice blocker

Jul 31, 2019

Salt water ice machines are simple and cheap to make and have been used for quite a while.But salt water ice does have its share of problems.

1. Use venue:

In addition to the large pool, an empty space is needed for molding and ice dumping.This required building a fairly large workshop.In a modern world where land is increasingly expensive, bigger buildings mean costs multiply.

The direct ice machine USES the upper and lower system of ice, no need for a large pool, no need for a large open space to place ice mold, no need for open space to pour ice.That cut civil engineering costs by two-thirds.

Ii. Labor cost:

The saltwater ice maker USES a crane to drop the ice molds into the salt pool and refill them manually.After the ice is frozen, it is necessary to manually use a crane to lift the ice form from the salt pool, and then pour the ice to the ground, and remove the ice from the ground.These complex processes usually require three or four workers to complete successfully.

And straight ice machine, after the formation of ice automatically deicing landing.All it takes is a worker to slide the ice onto the ice bank.It saves a lot of labor costs and is even more efficient.

Large ice brick machine (also known as ice machine, ice machine, large ice machine, also known as ice machine, large ice machine) a variety of names have.