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A fryer for the new vegetarian Fried chicken

Nov 06, 2018

At present, professional frying equipment has emerged in the market. Compared with the traditional oil fryer, it has the advantages of automatic temperature control and temperature control by partition. Besides, it can accurately control the oil temperature and time to ensure the quality and taste of vegetarian Fried chicken.In addition, advanced vacuum low temperature technology is adopted to overcome the defect of traditional deep-frying machine, which can not only maintain the original color of food, but also reduce the loss of nutrients and meet the requirements of consumers on the quality of nutrients.


The full-automatic low-temperature vacuum frying machine can effectively reduce the damage of food nutrition at high temperature by frying and dehydrating the food at low temperature. At the same time, it can prevent the deterioration of edible oil, improve the utilization rate of oil and reduce the cost without adding antioxidants.


In addition, in order to avoid Fried food produce harmful substances in the process, there are many technologies have been developed, such as air circulation technology, pulsed electric field technology, pretreatment technology, etc., an enterprise that has brought the air fryer, favored by the domestic market, its advanced patent high-speed air circulation technology, can make the Fried food around 80% lower than traditional electric fryer grease, at the same time also can realize unmanned intelligent Fried, Fried, time and temperature automatic control, simple, convenient, efficient, and ensure that Fried food delicious taste.


With the improvement of quality of life, eat less or don't eat meat not only abroad is regarded as a healthy diet, the same is true in China, coupled with the country will be "health" referred to the unprecedented height, introduced including the "healthy China 2030" planning outline "and so on a series of policy document, green health nutrition foods will be more and more get the favour of consumer market, eating a healthy has become a new era of a people's diet.