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A salad behind the paste filler and other equipment are busy

Oct 30, 2018

The salad comes packaged in bags and boxes, both of which are common, but the boxes provide better protection, reduce the chance of damage to fruits and vegetables and are easier to eat.


For boxed salad, there is a salad with supporting box packing machine has the strong market competitiveness, double frequency converter control, photoelectric Gao Gan degrees look standard tracking, digital input cut position, temperature independent PID control, and other advanced configuration, let the packaging in the process of sealing and cutting more accurate location, realize the bag length is set is cut, meet the demand of a variety of specifications, material of packing.


Although it is a ready-to-eat vegetable salad, its production and processing is not simple, just cut in the shape of slices, silk, ding, and thickness should be strictly controlled.In terms of sauce, the application of equipment such as filling machine should also select high quality and strong performance to ensure food quality and safety.Packaging is the same, according to different packaging specifications, materials to use the appropriate packaging machine.So, behind a salad, there are robots big and small.