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Advantages of full-automatic fermentation bakery equipment

Nov 14, 2018

Automated awakenings can lead to long - term reliable production

As an experienced supplier of complete baking equipment, Shanghai mooha can provide critical fermentation automation solutions, including programming and control technologies.Multiple models.Good performance and high production efficiency.

Classic series fermentation boxes

Excellent performance of fermentation effect makes it a preferred choice for more schools, canteens, Westinghouse and bread production workshops. The hot air circulation technology in the box can make the temperature and humidity environment in the box more even, and the temperature and humidity are adjusted more precisely to create a good fermentation environment.Humanized sliding door, easy switch, glass window, instant control fermentation.All stainless steel frame design, clean, durable, never rusting.Super capacity, multi-layer setting, high efficiency and beautiful appearance.Through the typical manual control knob, more in line with the experienced baker's habits.