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Advantages of hot air rotary oven and layered oven

Oct 09, 2018

Hot air rotary oven for baking: bread, moon cakes, toast, French bar, biscuits, pastry products. 

According to the customer energy supply situation can be divided into fuel type, gas type, electric heating type;The fuel oil machine adopts the original Italian imported machine, which has the advantages of less fuel consumption (gas) and complete combustion.

Greatly reduce production cost. All electrical components are imported.Reasonable equipment structure, simple and convenient operation.Safe and reliable operation.

One person one machine operation, whole car in and out, high baking efficiency.

The special air duct design ensures sufficient convection and even temperature distribution in the furnace. 

There are also five sections and three air vents to meet the special requirements of baking quality for different products in different seasons. 

There are two kinds of wind speed design, the products are different at the same time, you can freely choose the hot air circulation speed, which can achieve the coordination and unification of baking speed and quality.

When opening the door, the automatic air pumping mechanism will absorb the hot air to prevent it from hurting people or affecting the operation. 

Open the door turntable automatically closed, convenient trolley to roll out, after closing the automatic rotation. The inclined plate outside the furnace can rise and fall automatically with the opening and closing of the door. 

With timing and alarm function, easy to control the baking time. Automatic temperature control, low temperature fluctuation. 

There are abnormal monitoring devices for heating and rotation, ventilation and fast and slow fan.