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Advantages of the pastry sheeter machine

Aug 13, 2019

1, the use of programmable controller (PLC) control, reduce mechanical control point, system failure rate is low, stable and reliable operation, simple operation, easy maintenance.

2, the machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, change the packaging speed only need to rotate the potentiometer knob connected with the frequency converter, convenient and simple, smooth operation, high degree of automation.

3. Shortcake machine adopts photoelectric detection color standard, two-way tracking, more accurate cutting point, beautiful packaging seal, and higher qualified rate of products.

4. It has the function of positioning stop, which will not burn the film and reduce the rejection rate.

5, the machine is equipped with digital display function, packaging speed, output, bag length, temperature can be directly displayed.

6. The pastry machine is equipped with an adjustable bag maker. For different sizes of packaging, the handle of the adjustable bag maker can be rotated to complete the replacement of product varieties, especially suitable for the packaging of products of various specifications.

7. The machine is equipped with date printer, which can print production date and batch number.

8, shortcake machine use film, automatic completion of bag-making -- filling - sealing - cutting the whole process, than after the bag making manual filling and then use the sealing machine can save a lot of labor and cost, the product is more sanitary, and the packaging speed has been greatly improved.