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Analysis of the factors of plastic film sealing machine

Oct 28, 2019

First, the heat seal temperature, pressure, speed is not suitable.The total thickness of the film has increased, the heat sealing temperature must be increased accordingly, at the same time, the pressure to moderate, clamping spring no longer need to adjust.In addition, the heat sealing speed should not be too fast, nor too slow.Otherwise, before it is too hot, the rim and membrane will not be able to seal.

Second, the cutting blade with residue.Because the plastic film sealing machine is used for a long time, after the high temperature of the film cannot avoid leaving residue carbonization, and then affect the subsequent milk tea, soy milk and other drinks sealing quality.Therefore, the user should regularly on the plastic film sealing machine cutting blade maintenance and cleaning work.

However, users should not use brute force when cleaning, and try to use warm water to soak the residue and make it away from the blade, so as to achieve a deeper level of cleaning, and avoid improper force damage to the cutting blade.

Third, the heat sealing film packaging material quality is poor.The quality of thermal sealing film packaging material also directly affects the sealing effect of milk tea, soybean milk and other drinks.Because heat seal film material is poorer, original heat seal temperature, pressure, speed cannot achieve heat seal effect very well, also can cause the waste of film material at the same time.

Finally, if the thermal seal film packaging material or the seal with dirt, such as water, dust, oil, etc., will also make the thermal seal film and the cup edge can not bond, thus affecting the quality of milk tea, soy milk and other drinks sealing.