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Application advantages of automatic labeling machine

Apr 01, 2019

Automatic labeling machine is an important foundation of packaging industry and occupies a very important position in packaging machinery profession.As a product of electromechanical integration, automatic labeling machine provides an important technical guarantee for the packaging industry and plays an important role in promoting the development of product packaging. Together, it has a far-reaching influence in the production of wine, food, medicine, daily necessities and chemical products.Automatic labelling machine is the base condition to complete mechanization and initiative of product packaging.


1. Automatic labeling machine can liberate productivity and improve labor conditions


Automatic labelling function can liberate workers from heavy repetitive work, and together, it can prevent and reduce the touching of toxic, irritating, corrosive, low temperature, humid, dust, which are harmful to workers' health, and improve the working conditions.


2. Automatic labeling machine can advance the production power and promote the upgrading and diversification of product packaging


Automatic labeling machine production capacity is generally more than ten times, and dozens of times, no doubt on the product packaging update plays a decisive role, these are craft operations can not be compared.


3. Automatic labeling machine improves product packaging hygiene, advances product quality, and enhances the competitiveness of market sales.


Automatic labeling machine development of new self-adhesive labeling machine, self-adhesive label clean health is not easy to fall off the characteristics is a big advance in the development of the label, other use of automatic labeling machine through labeling production, not only cut the craft too much to operate the touch, such as medicine, medicine production.Some powder and liquid materials in the process of craft packing prone to dissipation, foaming, splash phenomenon, and do not mechanically, labeling machine labeling effect of high precision, product appearance beautiful, neat, consistent, and the sealing tightly, then advances the quality of the product packaging, advance the competitive capability of product market sale, can obtain higher economic benefits.


4. Automatic labeling function can save data, reduce cost and protect the environment


The use of labelling machinery production, from the bottom will label waste, labor cost reduced to the minimum, save money, and the use of automatic labelling machine, label waste phenomenon has been dealt with, and save raw materials, cut waste, protect the environment.


5. Automatic labeling machine can reduce the area of labeling site and save capital investment.


The development direction of automatic labeling machine is to increase capital investment, strengthen skill development, and strive to advance the quality stability and labeling speed of labeling machine.In the production of modern enterprises, the production line is the primary way of commodity production, labeling machine and other production equipment to meet, match, keep up with the level of the whole production system of the initiative, so as to let customers great forward production power, satisfied with the production demand of large quantities.