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Application and function of meat rolling and kneading machine

Jul 10, 2019

1. It can destroy the tissue structure of meat and make the meat soft.The meat pieces after curing and before rolling and kneading are characterized by relatively hard texture (even harder than before curing), poor plasticity, gaps between meat pieces, and weak bonding.After the rolling and kneading machine, the original tissue structure was damaged, some fibers were broken, the muscles were relaxed, the texture was soft, the plasticity was strong, and the meat was tightly combined.

2. Accelerate the penetration and hair color of saline solution: the muscle texture is relatively hard before rolling and it is difficult to achieve uniform penetration of saline solution at low temperature. Through rolling and rubbing, the muscle tissue is destroyed, which is very conducive to the penetration of saline solution.

3, speed up the extraction and dissolution of protein: salt soluble protein extraction is the most important purpose of rolling.As mentioned earlier, the proteins in muscle fibers - salt soluble proteins are very water-retaining and cohesive, and can only work if they are extracted.Although we add a lot of salts to salt water to provide a certain ionic strength, only a few small protein molecules dissolve out, and most of the protein molecules just dissolve in the fibers, but don't automatically permeate the body.The salt soluble protein can be quickly extracted by rolling.That's part of what a vacuum roller does.