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Application of automatic labeling machine

May 07, 2018

With the rapid development of industry, more and more enterprises are replacing manpower with automatic mechanical equipment to improve our working efficiency.With the development of high-tech, more and more automatic labelling machinery and equipment are also used in enterprises in various industries.

The labeling machine is mainly divided into automatic labeling machine and semi-automatic labelling machine.Fully automatic labeling machine series can be subdivided into: automatic PCB special labeling machine, full-automatic horizontal cylinder labeling machine, full-automatic double-side labeling machine and full-automatic plane labelling machine;Semi-automatic labeling machine series can be subdivided into: semi-automatic positioning round bottle labeling machine, high-precision semi-automatic plane labeling machine, semi-automatic plane labelling machine, semi-automatic hose labelling machine, ete.

With wide application scope and simple environment layout, it can be applied to various products of electronic, printing, stationery and other industries.

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