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Application of baking equipment in the baking process of pet snacks

Apr 10, 2019

Pet snacks use a variety of raw materials, from the palatability point of view of snacks mostly use fish, poultry meat as snacks raw materials;The raw materials used for gnawing are mostly animal hides and plants.And the product that removes halitosis makes small biscuit pattern more, raw material is given priority to with fruit vegetable...This indicates that in the raw material processing stage of pet snacks, corresponding food machinery equipment should be equipped according to different raw materials for processing.

This kind of biscuit mainly USES the friction between biscuits and teeth to remove the tartar in the pet's mouth, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning teeth and removing bad breath.At present, the automatic biscuit production line on the market can realize the automatic operation from feeding, molding, baking to oil spraying and cooling, and the biscuit molding machine is equipped with frequency conversion joint control, which is convenient to change the shape of biscuits.In the baking stage, the low-temperature baking technology can achieve the effect of sterilization and curing at the same time, so as to avoid the phenomenon that the finished biscuits are burnt due to repeated high-temperature operations.