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Application of milk tea machine

Dec 20, 2018

With the hot milk tea beverage industry, the production of milk tea cannot be separated from related food equipment, such as milk tea machine, ice machine, sealing machine, steam boiling water machine, induction cooker, milk lid machine, eggbeater, tea extractor, water purifier, heat preservation bucket and so on.


Take milk tea machine as an example, because there is more than one type and taste of milk tea, and at the same time, the demand for milk tea is high, especially in winter, which requires milk tea equipment not only to produce milk tea with high efficiency, to ensure quality, but also to ensure the production of a variety of milk tea.At present, the market has emerged a professional automatic milk tea machine, which USES microcomputer numerical control technology, can achieve the accurate proportion of milk tea or beverage configuration.Users can store more than 5 kinds of concentrated raw materials at the same time according to their own needs, and then quickly mix them according to the set proportion. Intelligent setting proportion and standardized operation can also improve the production efficiency of milk tea and reduce the labor intensity of milk tea shop staff.


In addition, the use of control pump design technology, quantitative accuracy, accurate value of water standard feeding control can reach 0.1 g.At the same time, double-channel fine-tuning design technology can be used to quickly adjust the concentration of the two main ingredients according to customers' purchase needs, increase or decrease the sweetness of the taste, and meet the needs of different consumers for sweetness.In addition, the split external hanging cold and hot water waterway system adopts the design technology of automatic water temperature control, to avoid the situation of large sales volume and water shortage of cold and hot water, ensure the water supply cycle, to achieve uninterrupted supply of cold and hot water.