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Attention during flushing of beverage filling equipment

Jul 29, 2019

In the production of filling equipment, there are many cans, mixing cans, sterilizing tubes, stirring tanks, water storage tanks and so on. In order to ensure the sanitation of drinks, these cans need to be washed regularly. Today, we are here to introduce the points needing attention in the washing process of filling equipment in detail:

1. Stop the flushing pump when replacing the filter element, and be careful not to bring in impurities;

2. After qualified flushing, please pay attention to protection before pumping flushing oil and pipeline to avoid contamination entering the system;

3. The emptying and discharging shall be carried out regularly to ensure the system is full and timely discharge of gases and pollutants;

4. At the early stage of flushing, the evaporation of water in the oil is very important.

5. The fuel tank shall be closed to reduce the chance of air particles entering the fuel tank;

6. When flushing oil is added to the oil tank, a refueling car with a filter should be used to filter out the pollutants in the barrel oil