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Automatic labeling machine adjustment matters

Nov 23, 2018

Adjustment of brush device.The center of the standard brush is opposite to the label and both sides are symmetrical. The table brush is perpendicular to the surface of the container, and the overlapping clearance of the pressure brush across the container is: the single pressure brush is 10mm~15mm, and the combined pressure brush is 5mm~10mm.The cleaning distance from the sponge is 1mm~2mm.For the adjustment of the pressure bottle head, the pressure bottle head should be 20mm lower when there is no bottle than when there is a bottle.

In the adjustment of label box, attention should be paid to the Central Line of the label box, the central axis of the label station is tangent to the label paper, the central axis of the label plate is aligned at three points, the tangent distance between the label plate and the label paper should be adjusted, and then the label box should be moved closer to 1mm~2mm.

The adjustment of the position of the label box grasping hook: the upper and lower, left and right grasping hooks are on the same vertical plane and uniformly laboring on the label paper to grasp the label smoothly.Label supply roller adjustment: when there is no label, the label press plate can be pressed to the front end of the label box and when there is a label, the label hook refers to the label nearby cannot be crushed.

When adjusting the inlet and outlet star wheels and the inlet screw rod, the cylinder head of the standard machine shall prevail.First, adjust the star wheel into the bottle. When the head of the bottle is just pressing down on the bottle, adjust the star wheel into the bottle, so that the bottle is in the middle of the star wheel groove.

Adjustment of screw rod for bottle feeding: the star wheel for bottle feeding shall prevail. When the bottle is located in the middle of the groove of star wheel for bottle feeding, adjust the screw rod so that the screw rod for bottle feeding is close to the bottle without displacement.Adjustment of the star wheel: when the pressure head is just raised, adjust the star wheel so that the bottle is in the middle of the groove of the star wheel.

Adjustment of squeegee board and rubber roller: there is no gap between squeegee board and rubber roller in the whole length. If there is gap, the squeegee board can be adjusted by adjusting eccentric bolts.Adjustment of cots and cots: there is only contact between the cots and cots without any pressure.Too much clearance, too much glue on the standard plate, resulting in rubber.The gap is too small, the contact is too tight, the glue will be squeezed away, there is no glue on the half of the standard plate.Practice has proved that the gap between the standard plate and the cots is between 0.1mm and 0.2mm.It can be achieved by adjusting the bearing base of the lower part of the cots and adjusting the bearing of the upper part of the cots when necessary.