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Automatic processing equipment to help produce pet food

Mar 20, 2020

Today, consumers have a deeper emotional bond with their pets, and the quality of pet food is on the rise.In addition, the policy aspect also brings the good news for the pet food industry.The ministry of agriculture and rural affairs announced the labeling of pet feed in March.The labels attached to domestic and imported pet feed products produced after March 1, 2020 shall comply with the provisions on pet feed labeling.The formal implementation of this labeling regulation will help law enforcement to rectify the pet food market and promote the positive development of the industry.

With the diversification of market demand, the classification of pet food on the market is also gradually refined.As for staple food, it is divided into dry food and wet food, including canned food and so on.For enterprises in the industry, improving the quality of pet food and optimizing the product structure is an urgent matter for enterprises to establish a firm foothold in this blue ocean.The use of automated equipment to produce pet food is one of the ways to solve some of the enterprise transformation problems.

For example, automatic puffing equipment is used in the production of pet staple food.Puffing is one of the main processes in the production of pet feed. During the molding process, water is added in the form of steam to make the starch of feed raw material gelatinized, and the temperature rises to 100 ℃ -180 ℃. Because of the large pressure before extrusion, the pressure is released at the moment of extrusion, so that the raw material rapidly expands and foams.Automatic puffing equipment can improve the taste and flavor of staple food and improve the digestibility and absorption rate of staple food.

At present on the market can be put into production of automatic expansion equipment including extrusion equipment, microwave equipment, indirect heating equipment and so on.Among them, extrusion equipment is widely used in food industry.Microwave expansion equipment as a new type of expansion equipment, with high efficiency, high quality, low pollution, energy saving and other advantages, its development prospects in the food industry is also very broad.

In addition, canned meat is increasingly in demand in the pet food market.In the process of processing canned meat, the enterprise can choose the meat product deep processing equipment to carry on the production.The equipment for deep processing of meat on the market today includes meat cutting machine, meat mincer, chopping and mixing machine, bone and meat separation equipment, forming machine and other equipment, which can meet the production needs of different canned meat.At the same time, enterprises should also adopt sterilization, aseptic filling and sealing equipment to make the products reach the standard of commercial asepsis and upgrade the product quality.

With the steady growth of the national economy, coupled with the impact of urbanization and the one-child policy, the pet-related industrial chain will become the next industry focus, and pet food is no exception.In the future, with the improvement of consumers' requirements on the quality of pet food and the intensification of industry supervision, enterprises are bound to need the transformation and upgrading of products to meet the needs of the market, which will also become a development opportunity for manufacturers such as puffing equipment and meat products deep-processing equipment.