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Automatic stretch film vacuum packaging machine features

Dec 19, 2018

1. Wide applicability.Can pack solid, liquid, fragile and soft and hard materials, can be pallet packaging, bubble cover packaging, SMT packaging and soft film vacuum, hard film inflatable packaging.


2. High efficiency, labor cost saving and low comprehensive packaging cost.The whole package except the filling area (some irregular products) is automatically completed by the machine.Loading can be done manually or mechanically.Some models have packaging rates of more than 12 cycles per minute.


3. Conform to hygiene.When mechanical loading is used, manual operation is not required during the whole packaging process, except for one person operating the control panel of the equipment (starting up or setting up procedures).From the packaging bag/box production to packaging in one go, reduce transitional pollution.If high temperature resistant packaging materials are used, they can be processed at high temperature after packaging to extend the shelf life of perishable products.