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Baking equipment assists in pastry production

Nov 28, 2018

Pastry delicacies on the market, such as egg yolk crisp, flower crisp, or open smile chestnut, mung bean cakes, etc., are using pastry machine, moon cake machine, packaging machine and other pastry equipment, through modern industrial production and processing can be produced.

Pastry dough is made with very strict requirements, such as adding too much water or stirring for a little longer, which may affect the quality of dough.At present, many bakery shops and production factories have adopted mechanization mode for dough production. With the continuous improvement of consumer market demand and requirements, relevant machinery manufacturing enterprises have improved the quality and performance of processing equipment.For example, the multi-purpose mixer and all-in-one flour mixer produced by Shanghai mooha is equipped with a variety of agitators to mix fillings and beat eggs on the basis of the functions of flour mixing and stirring.In addition, its equipment parts are made of stainless steel to avoid food safety problems, multi-speed also meet the requirements of dough viscosity accuracy.


The recipe of crispy dough contains more oil and sugar, so the water is easy to evaporate. Therefore, crispy pastry usually adopts the baking technology of high temperature and short time, in which the equipment such as oven and oven is the necessity of the baking process.The oven on market is comprised by box body, electric heat element commonly, control temperature device, timing device to wait for a part, equipment of a good oven needs to have good airtight sex, safety, controllability to wait for a performance.At present, many mechanical manufacturing enterprises by the production of the oven also follow the market high standards, the industry high standards of thick cold rolled plate or stainless steel panel as oven raw materials, to ensure production safety;Equipped with temperature controller, digital display intelligent instrument for temperature control, to ensure the baking time is accurate, uniform quality...It can be seen that mechanized production is more efficient, convenient and safe, making food quality to a higher level.