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Baking equipment is highly efficient in cake making

May 31, 2018

Making a cake requires a number of processes, generally including laying eggs, separating, whipping, stirring, molding, baking, cooling, etc.First, the egg yolk needs to be separated from the protein.After that, the protein should be dismissed, and always be sent into hard foam, that is, the pelvic inverted button protein will not fall down, this link is a technical work, but also physical work.

Shanghai Mooh blender is mainly used to break egg whites and egg yolks into egg liquid, or to separate egg whites and egg yolks into a tool for frothing.Such equipment liberates hands and saves labor.

In addition, the mixer can effectively overcome the egg mixer products instability, poor taste rough, quality defects, guarantee the products more exquisite, colour and lustre, good sense of mouth, long retention period, also can save a lot of artificial and stirring time, especially suitable for the demand of the factory cake sent.At present, this kind of continuous flour paste beating system has been popular abroad.

Besides whipping, the cake baking process is also crucial.Is baking a cake products production indispensable step, after baking produce starch gelatinization, protein denaturation and a series of changes, to achieve the purpose of curing the cake and the taste of food also change accordingly.

The hot air rotating furnace launched by Shanghai mooha is made of imported stainless steel plate material on the surface and in the baking chamber, which is safe and sanitary.In addition, the forced hot air circulation heating with blast ensures uniform color and no color difference.At the same time, it improves the efficiency of heat absorption, shortens the heating time, saves energy, and satisfies the national requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.

As the consumer market grows and improve consumer awareness of baked goods, baking the size of the market in the asia-pacific region has reached more than $600, the future for the demand of the market is very considerable.

In fact, cake making is both a pleasure and a skill.At present, facing the huge market prospect, it needs the support of baking equipment in the process of processing, so as to meet the consumer demand with quality and quantity.