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Beverage filling machine

Nov 12, 2019

Beverage filling machine according to the filling principle can be divided into atmospheric pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine and vacuum filling machine;

(1) atmospheric pressure filling machine is under atmospheric pressure on the weight of liquid filling.This kind of filling machine is divided into timing filling and volume filling two kinds, only suitable for filling low viscosity gas free liquid such as milk, wine, purified water, juice drinks and so on.

(2) the pressure filling machine is higher than the atmospheric pressure for filling, can also be divided into two: one is the pressure in the storage cylinder is equal to the pressure in the bottle, by the liquid weight into the bottle and filling, called equal pressure filling;The other is that the pressure in the cylinder is higher than the pressure in the bottle, and the liquid flows into the bottle by pressure difference.Pressure filling machine is suitable for filling gas liquid, such as beer, soda, champagne, carbonated drinks, soda water and so on.

(3) vacuum filling machine is used to fill bottles under the pressure lower than atmospheric pressure;This filling machine is simple in structure, high in efficiency, suitable for a wide range of viscosity of materials, such as oil, syrup, wine, etc.