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Causeway baking equipment

Jun 01, 2018

Causeway is a baked food, such as bread and cake.Nowadays, baked goods have become a kind of leisure and convenient food, sometimes used as a substitute for meals or snacks.According to relevant data, the most significant products purchased by consumers in convenience stores in China's first-tier and third-tier cities in 2017 are salty snacks, baked goods and sweets.It can be seen from this that baking products are increasingly developing towards leisure food, and there is great potential for further development.

At present, there are many leisure bakery enterprises in the market, such as Dali garden and panpan.Behind successful enterprises, in addition to strict marketing management, rules and regulations, is the support of advanced technology and equipment.Such as Dali park each year into a lot of money for production equipment technical reform, attaches great importance to new product research and development and scientific research team construction, now has more than 400 of the automation productivity leisure food production line.Therefore, the strong technical and equipment strength is a solid foundation for the rapid development of the industry.

The most common mechanical equipment used in baked goods include rotary oven, tunnel oven, oven, electric oven, wake up box, etc.Take tunnel furnace for example, according to different standards such as flame, temperature, variety, heat source, etc., it can be divided into different categories, suitable for all kinds of food such as cake, bread, biscuit, mooncake, etc.As countries vigorously promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, the tunnel furnace manufacturing enterprises in our country are also actively response to the policy, to be more in line with market trends and the choose and buy of consumer demand, to technical innovation and product research and development.Among them, compared with the traditional tunnel furnace, due to the infrared short tunnel furnace production line, high efficient heating drying, etc, so as to shorten the production of heating process, make it more in line with the green environmental protection energy-saving concept.

This niche to look from the tunnel furnace bake to the machinery and equipment industry, view and it can be seen that industry like "wear" doraemon bamboo dragonfly, in sustained, stable and fast development, and achieved some results.