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Characteristics of pepper paste filling machine

Jun 13, 2018

Automatic filling machine is a production enterprise trusted device, automatic hot pepper sauce filling machine is sauce manufacturers more like a device, the filling machine the interview time is long, stable performance and running-in degree is high.Automatic pepper paste filling machine is an automatic equipment for the production of bottled pepper paste.The double-head automatic filling machine USES a stirring cylinder to store the sauce, and two pneumatic filling heads are used for filling.The design is simple and reasonable, but the function is very comprehensive.Measure, fill, input and output without pulling down.

There are a large number of people in our life who like to eat spicy food. There are many kinds of chili sauce on the market and various brands.Chili sauce filling machine because of its technology, is a indispensable equipment in our lives, but also because of its products are adored by people, so also became our time on behalf of the equipment.