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Characteristics of vertical automatic packaging machine

Aug 23, 2019

1. It is a packaging machine that can automatically feed to the finished product packaging and automatically transport and a series of other processes. This machine has achieved automation, automatic bag-making, filling, measuring, packaging and conveying, instead of manual packaging process, so as to improve the packaging speed and improve the production efficiency.

2. The measurement accuracy is guaranteed. The measurement method of vertical automatic packaging machine is to adopt multi-head computer combination weighing, whose working principle is to supplement the materials mutually, calculate by computer comprehensively, and then release the weight value close to the target value for packaging, with a small error accuracy up to 0.1g.

3. The touch screen can store the packaging process parameters of 10 different products, and it can be used at any time without reset when changing products.

4. Wide range of packaging, suitable for measuring and packaging of irregular bulk and granular materials, such as candy, fruits and vegetables, puffy food, biscuits, dried fruit, melon seeds, Fried goods, dumplings, tangyuan, hardware and plastic parts, etc.

5. Packaging bag-making machine intelligent control, in a certain range of freedom to adjust the bag length and width, no need to replace parts;Packaging materials are widely applicable, all kinds of heat sealing composite materials are appropriate.