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Common problems and solutions of beverage filling machine

Jul 02, 2019

First, the filling capacity of beverage is not accurate or not out of the material.In terms of the market, most drinks have a net content, that is, a certain amount of filling is required.This puts forward higher requirements for the accuracy of beverage filling machine.According to the manufacturer's introduction, if the liquid level is unstable due to the insufficient liquid in the feed tank, it can be solved by adding the liquid or resetting the square ball valve on the irrigation head, resetting the filling and filling time (lengthening the filling time), or slowing down the filling and filling speed.

In addition, if it is not the problem of feed liquid, you can check whether there is foreign matter in the three-way control valve, or whether there is foreign matter in the filling channel.If so, clean and dredge in time, mainly at the entrance of the feeding trough or at the feeding mouth.If it is the filling nozzle valve plug phenomenon or delayed opening, you need to install the valve core from the beginning.If opening is delayed, adjust the thin cylinder throttle valve.Finally, it should be noted that if the check valve does not open, it will not lead to the failure of equipment discharge.

Second, individual valves or cylinders slow or do not work.It is usually caused by the failure of the control valve, which needs to check whether the output light of the beverage filling machine to control the output is working properly, and confirm that it is working properly before the following inspection.Also, check the solenoid valve's solenoid coil plug. If the plug is damaged or not inserted, it may cause the valve or cylinder to slow down or not work.If the electromagnet coil is damaged, the fault can be eliminated after replacing the coil.

Third, filling capacity is not stable, more or less.The increasing and decreasing of filling capacity of beverage not only has certain influence on the whole filling line, but also leads to unstable net content of beverage.To this end, users can first check the material tube or material box outlet whether there is a garbage jam phenomenon.If there is should be timely clearance.Then check whether there is water in the compressed air, if there is should be timely elimination, and pull out the filling volume is not accurate filling head of the trachea and timely remove water.

Fourth, drip leakage occurs when the feed head stops working.According to one mechanic, this may be due to insufficient air pressure in the system, wear of the ball valve or damage of the nozzle orifice, causing the liquid to drip.In view of this situation, the user can check the air supply pressure of the equipment system first. If the pressure is too low, check whether the air supply pipeline is damaged, and adjust the pressure of the reducing valve at the air supply port to make it reach the specified value.If the ball valve and nozzle orifice appear wear or damage, timely maintenance or replacement.