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Debugging of pastry machine in food industry

Apr 19, 2019

1. Adjust the thickness, thickness and width of the pressure surface roller of the first and second stages, the speed of the roller and the sensitivity of the probe.

2. Adjust the speed of the lower conveyor belt with the pressure surface of the second section. If the speed is too fast, the dough surface will pull down the section; if it is slow, the dough surface will be piled up and cannot be operated.

3, adjust the speed of the roller, with the speed of the lower conveyor belt, the roller speed too fast to break the surface, the roller speed is too slow so that the surface column volume is not solid or can not be made.

4, adjust the speed of the molding machine and the speed of the conveyor belt, such as small fast cake embryo, such as large slow cake embryo, with the weight of a good cake embryo.

5, adjust the speed of the molding machine, to achieve the weight of the cake, now open the stuffing machine, according to customer requirements to adjust the size of the mouth of the good stuffing, stuffing column with good dough roll into pastry column, then shape the cake.

6, need to adjust the size of the pastry and skin filling ratio, because from the pressure surface wheel to adjust its fast and slow, down the conveyor belt fast and slow, out of the filling machine speed, and then adjust the knot forming machine fast and slow, can determine the size of the pastry.