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Detailed description of vacuum rolling and kneading machine

Aug 21, 2019

1. Continuous vacuum function.Two working conditions, vacuum rolling (fixed vacuum degree) and breathing rolling (alternating vacuum atmospheric pressure), can be selected.Equipped with a vacuum meter to display real-time vacuum degree of rolling kneading barrel.

The breathing rolling and kneading function can effectively shorten the rolling and kneading time and improve the rolling and kneading efficiency.

The vacuum gauge is convenient to keep track of the vacuum condition at any time.

2. Variable frequency stepless speed regulation, the speed range of 3-12 RPM (1-4 RPM low speed function can be selected).cars only

Can choose the optimized processing technology, improve production efficiency;

Energy conservation;

Stable start, reduce the impact when the machine starts, extend the service life of the equipment.

Choose low speed function to adapt to a variety of rolling and kneading products, especially poultry and fish products.

3. Perfect feeding and unloading solutions.

The rotating rolling and kneading barrel support can completely discharge the material.

According to the characteristics of different products can choose vacuum suction or integrated feeding mechanism charging.

Specially equipped with auxiliary vacuum pipette.

4. PLC and touch screen control.

Long-term verification of high reliability control system, touch screen operation is more intuitive, good moisture resistance.

You can choose the traditional rolling kneading mode, forward rolling kneading - pause - reverse rolling kneading - pause cycle

Or personalized rolling and kneading mode, the total working time can be divided into six process cycles at most, and each process cycle can be divided into two steps, with each step setting time, rotation speed, vacuum state and steering separately.Meet the processing requirements of diverse products.