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Detailed honey packaging industry honey packaging machinery operation

Mar 19, 2019

The bottle sorting machine is to sort out the bottles needed for filling and arrange them on the conveyor belt in a neat and regular way.The neatly arranged bottles are automatically delivered to the bottle washer, where they are cleaned by a bottle washer.Industrial production used in the washing machine for ultrasonic cleaning machine, cleaning agent used generally have two categories: chemical solvents, water-based cleaning agent.Ultrasound plays a physical role, cleaning agent plays a chemical role, the combination of two functions, the bottle can be very thorough cleaning.


The filling machine is equipped with material mixing system.Honey can be deposited when left alone, especially in winter, when some of the glucose in the honey can crystallize.The stirring system can make the honey stir fully and evenly, and greatly improve the quality of honey.


Frequency control is also one of the characteristics of the filling machine, it allows the liquid filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted as needed.It not only improves the precision of filling, but also improves the flexibility of operation.


The machine body is also equipped with a filling head and diving filling system.The former prevents material dripping and wiredrawing, while the latter prevents material overflow during filling.


The material contact part of the filling machine is made of stainless steel (SUS304).It not only meets the requirements of food hygiene, but also ensures the safety and stability of the filling environment.


Once the filling is complete, the cap should be sealed.Capping machine also known as screw cap machine, capping machine, the main function is to plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc.Cap sealing machine adopts magnetic torque type cap screwing to realize cap grabbing, cap screwing, automatic top lid, bottom lid and screw lid.The screw-cap force can be adjusted freely, which can ensure the tight seal and keep the cap intact.


The whole filling equipment is controlled by PLC computer program, the production process is fully automated, the surface is equipped with a simple man-machine interface operation screen.The equipment USES advanced photoelectric detection of the operation of the components, with no bottle no filling, no bottle no lid and other functions.The production data can be reflected in real time, which greatly facilitates operators to debug the equipment.


The viscous liquid filling machine can not only fill honey, we are familiar with jam, concentrated honey grapefruit tea, syrup and other viscous liquid can be filled with this device.Nowadays, people's demands for food products are more and more diverse, and their requirements for product quality are also higher and higher.