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Dough Divider And Rounder---More in line with the development of bakery industry

Mar 30, 2018

The scope of using Semi Automatic in baking industry is expanding.To be within the required time, create maximum benefit for yourself, make sure that your compelte bakery production lines work well, not errors in the production process and not waste of time, so try to avoid the effects of errors and failures before they can obtain the maximum benefit to the enterprise.If our bakery industry all have semi automatic dough divider and rounder, a lot of human labor will be saved and we can devote more time and energy to some creative and challenging work.

The semi automatic dough divider and rounder division geometric principles and eccentric swing principles,stressing shape dough evenly divided into 30 parts,equal to the weight of the dough within 6-10 seconds,saving time,reasonable design,uniform and complete dividing,greatly enhance the effectiveness of bakery production.


semi automatic dough divider and rounder Parameter:
Small piece amount:30PCS
Small piece weight:30~100g
Cable:4cx1.5copper cable
Machine size:640X540X2100mm
Net weight:360kg