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Effects of different water temperatures on dough making

Nov 08, 2018

Food made with hot water dough


Hot water dough is also called boiling water dough or scalding.Press machine and surface water temperature in general 60-100 degrees.Because under the action of hot water, flour protein coagulation, and decompose the moisture, MianJinZhi was damaged and starch of absorb water and expand into a paste and decompose the monosaccharides and disaccharides, thus formed a delicious, hot water dough strength small, finished product translucent shape, colour and lustre is poorer, but delicate, full of sweetness, the characteristics of the heating and easy to mature.Hot water dough is suitable for making steamed dumplings, boiled wheat, rice dumplings, Fried rice cakes, etc.


Food made with warm water dough


Dough made from flour and a moderate amount of warm water at about 50 degrees Celsius is called warm water dough.Because water temperature is higher than cold water, water molecule diffusion is quickened, make dough muscularity ground to form to get certain limit thereby, and the water absorption of starch is increased however, this kind of dough tendons sex, toughness, flexibility is lower than cold water surface, make breed color is inferior to cold water dough.


Warm water dough is characterized by softness, strength, plasticity, easy to form;It is also not easy to get out of shape after cooked, with moderate taste and relatively white color. This feature is especially suitable for making all kinds of fancy and color steam cakes, such as cabbage cake, goldfish cake and si xi cake.


Food made with cold water dough


A cold water dough is a mixture of water at a temperature of less than 30 degrees.As a result of using cold water or lower temperature water and flour, the protein in flour cannot undergo thermal denaturation, resulting in more and stronger gluten.Starch under low temperature will not produce expansion and gelatinization, so the dough formed by the roller is firm, strong toughness, large tension, rigid, also known as "dead surface".


The characteristic of cold water face is finished product colour and lustre is whiter, eat rise to have tendons sex, not easy broken, suit to boil at commonly the breed that bake, be like dumpling, noodle, spring roll skin, pearl soup, hot cake.