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Extrusion type sauce packing machine

Nov 05, 2018

In terms of the form of food packaging, including pillow type, self-supporting bag, horizontal, belt type, filling and other packaging machines.According to the material state, it can be divided into liquid packaging machine, particle packaging machine, powder packaging machine, sauce packaging machine and other packaging machinery.


The functions and applications of different packaging equipment are also different. For example, the pillow type packaging machine can be used for shrink packaging of any shrink film.Self-supporting bag packaging machine realizes the packaging of more than two kinds of materials, mainly USES the roll film forming, reduces the packaging cost and improves the production efficiency.The belt type packaging equipment is equipped with detection device, without packaging material or packaging bag not open, it is not filled and the heat sealing device is not sealed, so as to avoid waste of packaging materials and raw materials.


What kind of packaging equipment is suitable for the sauce seasoning package, especially the traditional dressing package, which is changed into the toothpaste type extrusion package?Common convenient food sauce package, jam, tomato sauce, honey, hotpot base, bean sauce, and other sauce body of the bag packaging more use sauce packaging machine.The equipment mainly USES advanced PLC controller, which is used to drive stepper motor, control bag length, stable comprehensive performance, convenient adjustment and accurate detection.In addition, from bag-making, blanking and metering to sealing, cutting and counting, there is no manual operation and high degree of automation. At the same time, functions such as printing production date and batch number can be configured according to the user's technological requirements.