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Filling equipment drives the rapid development of instant drinks

May 30, 2018

Filling is relatively important steps in the process of beverage packaging, filling equipment currently on the market again from semi-automatic to upgrade to the automatic upgrade to intelligent, have been able to realize the rapid transformation of filling the needs of different products.In addition, the filling equipment is also equipped with the bottle blowing machine, sealing machine and other forming the three-in-one equipment of blowing and irrigation sealing, which greatly enhances the function of the equipment.

For beverage filling, the filling process mainly requires the following three aspects:

The first is whether the filling process can maintain the aseptic state of the beverage, and the maintenance of the aseptic state of the beverage is conducive to ensuring food safety.Filling equipment currently on the market most to be able to meet the requirements under 95 ℃ hot filling, equipped with CIP self-cleaning interface at the same time, to ensure that the bottle no moldy phenomenon.Other fully enclosed filling equipment can reduce the contact between beverage and air through sealed filling to avoid the appearance of bacteria.

Second, whether the liquid height is consistent in filling process, and whether the liquid height is consistent is not only related to the cost and the beauty of the product, but also affects the reputation of the product in the eyes of consumers to a certain extent.Measures of liquid height diversity, electronic measurement through the liquid weight sensor monitoring, once nearly filling quantity change filling state, is one of the high accuracy measuring liquid level, there are filling equipment application in.

Third, whether the filling speed is fast enough, the filling speed of filling equipment will directly affect the cost of beverage products, so high-speed filling has become the pursuit of many equipment.In response to the requirements of the north American market on the production speed, a large number of research and development forces have been invested in the commissioning and transformation of equipment to increase the speed of filling equipment to over 60000BPH.While winning customers in the north American market for themselves, the promotion of domestic filling speed.

Through the analysis of sterilization and filling equipment, it is not hard to see the efforts of food machinery equipment to improve itself and improve the equipment.Driven by this force, it is believed that instant drink can accelerate development.