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Filling method of carbonated beverage filling line

Dec 25, 2018

Second filling: simple equipment, less investment, suitable for small and medium-sized beverage factory

From the health point of view, the second filling is easy to ensure the health of the product;Due to the different temperatures of syrup and carbonated water, it is easy to produce a lot of foam when pouring carbonated water into syrup, resulting in the loss of CO2 and insufficient filling capacity.It can be solved by cooling before syrup filling.Since the syrup is not carbonated and the mixture with carbonated water will reduce the gas content, the gas content of carbonated water must be higher than the expected gas content of the finished product.For example, the ratio of syrup to carbonated water is 1:4.If the gas content of the finished product is 3 times the volume, the gas content of carbonated water is 3 times 5/4 = 3.75 times the volume.

The use of secondary filling, syrup quantitative filling, and the amount of carbonated water filling will be due to the bottle capacity is not consistent, or after filling the liquid level is not consistent and it is difficult to accurately, so that the quality of the finished product is different after the large secondary filling equipment in the filling and sealing equipment set up after the turnover mixer, syrup and carbonated water mixed evenly