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First use of semi-automatic particle packaging machine

Nov 13, 2018


The larger the output, the larger the equipment, and possibly more.It is necessary to determine whether one or more can be satisfied according to the output.The standard of output, what we usually want is time production, is how many tons per hour or how many bales per hour.


The material quality is generally determined according to the corrosive size of the material. The corrosivity is high: all stainless steel shall be used; general corrosion: stainless steel shall be used for contacting with materials; no corrosion: carbon steel.

Particle size.

The commonly used automatic packing machine of granule size cannot be used, because the granule is big, it will stick the material to the outlet.Such as potatoes, charcoal.

Packing bag form.

Shanghai mooha USES the open pocket granulator and the valve pocket USES the granulator.

Choose the right packaging equipment according to your production.