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Food machines help make orchids

Jun 11, 2018

It can be seen from the production process of orchid roots that there is no need for additives in the production process of orchid roots, so the quality of products is largely determined by the raw materials.Raw materials for making orchid root include glutinous rice, sugar powder, sugar, caramel, salad oil, etc.To test the raw material can better protect the safety of subsequent food products, at present, some necessary testing equipment such as pesticide residue detection equipment, food oil analyzer have been able to do it in a short period of time of rapid detection, and brings great convenience for material testing.

Then the glutinous rice needs to be soaked. The soaking process is one of the most difficult problems in the production of orchid roots.As the soaking process is affected by the temperature change, it requires experienced teachers to observe the state of glutinous rice and increase or decrease on a seven-day basis.Food machinery equipment was developed an important reason is that it can make the food production process without the interference by outside factors, through a set of indicators such as temperature, humidity to food builds a optimum production space, fermentation tank, dryer, etc. Is this kind of equipment.In the soaking of glutinous rice, researchers need to find out the most suitable soaking conditions, and then develop equipment.

Done soak glutinous rice and grinding to achieve the required mesh, in this condition, our country already appeared the superfine grinder, universal grinder, coarse grinding machine and so on different grinding equipment requirements, according to different ingredients, orchid root manufacturers need to be carried out in accordance with the requirements of choose and buy.In addition, there are steps such as kneading, slicing and other food machinery equipment such as kneading machine and slicing machine.

Frying is another difficulty in the production of orchid roots.First of all, the process of frying requires accurate grasp of the oil temperature and temperature.Second, oil products control, can not allow oil repeated infinite use.At present, the frying equipment in the market can automatically control the temperature by setting the temperature in advance, so as to automate the temperature control process.At the same time, some enterprises have invented low temperature vacuum frying equipment for the potentially unhealthy substances produced by oil overheating.The equipment USES the vacuum state to reduce the boiling temperature of oil products and prolong the service life of oil products.

When wrapping the root of orchid, it is required to wrap the sugar coating more evenly, which is very similar to the making process of yuanxiao.In order to make orchid root more in line with food safety requirements, the original outdoor orchid root sales gradually put on packaging.Vacuum packaging machine, pillow packaging machine, such as packaging equipment more.At present, these two types of packaging equipment are relatively mature in the market, in sealing, speed and other convenient performance.

Orchid root as much by food produce food in small workshops, in more and more people pursue the food safety, health, health is also need to conform to The Times change, using mechanical equipment upgrade of their products, which is more competitive in the market.