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Full set of pickles production line introduction and explanation

Apr 15, 2019

Full set of pickles production line technical instructions, cleaning head into a cone of water, cleaning area, to ensure the cleaning effect.Spiral propulsion, do not hurt the material, two cleaning, recycling, saving water.Circulation pump anti - corrosion, low noise operation.Effect: easy to remove impurities.The equipment of the workshop is connected into a production line with a certain level of automation through conveying lines, turnover vehicles and other auxiliary equipment, so as to reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency and health standards, and realize modern industrial processing.The first choice of radish, cucumber and other vegetables washed, cut into pieces, control dry water.Then the sauce mix, all the seasoning pot boil, put the vegetables into the water blanching, quickly removed.The whole set of kimchi equipment will be the seasoning, snow vegetables processing production line products first to cool, and then together into a sterilized container, fermentation after a period of time can be eaten.Of course, this is only a pickles processing method, the specific process according to the specific operation.