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Function analysis of automatic continuous drawing vacuum packing machine system

Dec 05, 2018

The control system adopts servo motor computer control, man-machine interface touch screen, servo walking speed.Adopt foreign high quality electrical appliances.With perfect safety protection measures.

Functions of automatic continuous stretch vacuum packaging machine:

1. Photoelectric tracking, color cover film or optical film can be used for packaging to reduce costs and improve product grade;

2. Adopt combined mold, easy to replace, multi-purpose machine, mold with cooling system;

3. Can be equipped with automatic code spraying or coding system according to the requirements of the user's product packaging;

4. Nitrogen or mixed gas can be filled on the basis of vacuuming according to the requirements of product packaging;

5. Equipped with high-quality vacuum pump, high vacuum degree, stable quality, durable and reliable;

6. Equipped with corner waste recovery system to maintain environmental hygiene;

7. Adopt advanced crosscutting and longitudinal cutting systems, and adjust knives by computer.