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Handling of minor problems with cake filling machine

Oct 31, 2019

Minor problems during the operation of cake filling machine:

1. Filling machine makes steamed buns with slow fermentation

The amount of yeast is less or the vitality is decreased, the yeast dosage can be appropriately increased, and the yeast should be kept at low temperature.When the dough temperature is low, when the temperature is not high enough, the sugar, oil and salt in warm water can be used to reduce the amount of sugar, oil and salt.

2. Cake filling machine makes bread crust crack

The reason is that less water is added, the water temperature is low, the room is dry, the humidity in the wake box is low, and the molding time is too long.Wake up humidity is too large, can reduce the wake up humidity, steam water droplets on the surface of bread stir fire steam, avoid water vapor dripping to the bread.

3. The cake filling machine steamed bread and severely contracted it

And before the yeast or dough mix well with the flour not enough.When kneading the dough, the dough is not kneaded in place, and the gluten network is not fully formed, resulting in the bad holding of the dough.When awake hair, the humidity of awake hair box is too big, produce knot dew phenomenon and cause.Wake up time is too short, in the process of steaming due to the violent gas production caused by the new wheat flour is not mature placement and use, the flour very old strength is too weak, holding air is not good also easy to contract.