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Hot air circulation oven market emerge a large number of quality products

Oct 31, 2018

At present, the technology of hot air circulation oven has entered a mature stage, and its products can also meet the needs of most users.Not only that, some oven also combined with the current trend, the use of computer systems, enhanced controllability, enhanced automation requirements, easy for staff to operate.


It is reported that hot air circulation oven is applicable to a wide range, mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry, heavy industry and other industries materials and products heating curing, drying and dehydration.For example, raw drugs, raw drugs, Chinese medicine prepared slices, granule, granule, size of the honey pill bottle and so on.


With the popularity of hot air circulation oven application in the pharmaceutical field, some pharmaceutical machine enterprises gradually go deep into the development of equipment.With the unremitting efforts of many researchers, a number of quality products have emerged in the market.For example, some products use steam or electricity as a heat source and use an axial fan to heat the heat exchanger by convection.The hot air layer transfers heat through the baking tray and the material.Fresh air is replenished from the air inlet into the oven for replenishment, and is discharged from the dehumidification orifice to continuously replenish fresh air and discharge hot and humid air, so as to maintain the appropriate relative humidity in the oven.


However, in daily operation, no matter how advanced the technology is, the quality of the products will inevitably have some failures. For customers, it is very necessary to understand common failures and take countermeasures.In case of failure, it is necessary to know whether the heated articles in the oven are too dense, whether the high temperature and high efficiency filters are blocked, and whether the air flow control board has been changed. After these reasons are eliminated, it is necessary to judge whether the circulating fan has fault.


Then from the fault phenomenon and the oven circuit principle analysis.Some industry experts said that the hot air circulation oven can be heated, indicating that the intelligent computer temperature controller output signal is normal, PLC input and output signal is also normal.If these locations and components are normal, check for two more factors.


To be specific, the operator can check the PID adjustment parameters of the intelligent computer temperature controller to see whether the human error operation, resulting in setting parameters changes, resulting in abnormal system action.Then check whether the circulating fan is working normally and whether the steering is correct.If the fan is running too slowly, there are two reasons.The first is the electrical power supply voltage, which can be checked for fault-phase or winding breakdowns.The second is the mechanical aspects of chamber cleaning, vibration, bearing overheating, damage, loose wind blade friction cases and other failures.Combined with these factors and aspects, the fault of hot air circulation oven will be easily solved.


In fact, fault - free or based on good operating habits.In daily operation, staff should also pay attention to the following matters.The hot air circulation oven should work indoors and be installed smoothly.In terms of power supply, the power input shall be equipped with a dedicated front level on/off switch, which shall be well connected to ground wire.In addition, must check the power supply, voltage, power supply connection, no error before power use.


If the machine for the new purchase or put on hold for a long time again, the operator should use low temperature bake 80-100 ℃, two hours and then began to raise the temperature, and humidity were leaked, increase insulation performance and extend the service life of porcelain.If you feel the thermal inertia is too large, you can turn off a set of heaters to reduce the heat power and prevent excessive inertia.It needs to be reminded that do not hit the part of the temperature controller that extends into the studio, to prevent damage to the temperature controller and malfunction of the equipment;Do not bake explosive, flammable and volatile substances to prevent safety accidents.


At present, the scale of the pharmaceutical market is on the rise.In addition, the domestic pharmaceutical industry is developing rapidly, and pharmaceutical machine enterprises are also actively carrying out technological upgrading to better meet the market demand.Market trend and development environment are great advantages for hot air circulation oven. Some pharmaceutical machine enterprises have taken actions to put advanced technology into production by combining the market requirements of energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligence and automation.In addition, the customer should also have common knowledge about the operation of the hot air circulation oven, understand the countermeasures of mechanical equipment in case of failure, and develop good operating habits, so as to contribute to the healthy development of the hot air circulation oven.