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How should the automatic quantitative cooking oil filling machine be maintained in summer

Jun 19, 2018

Summer is a very hot season, and sometimes it is especially hot and stuffy.The hot weather is the most likely to cause the packaging machine to get wet and rust, etc., so how should we maintain the automatic quantitative cooking oil filling machine in the summer?

1. The automatic quantitative oil filling machine shall be used in a dry and clean room, and shall not be used in places where acids and other corrosive gases are circulating in the atmosphere.

2, regular check parts, to every month, check the worm gear, worm, lubrication on bolts, bearings and other activities whether some flexible rotation and wear situation, found that defects should be timely repair, shall not be used.

3, if the gear shaft moving, please adjustment bracket M10 screw back to the appropriate location and adjust the clearance to the bearing noise does not occur, hand belt pulley, elastic appropriate advisable, too tight or too loose all possible damage can make the packaging machine.When refueling the packaging machine, do not let the oil spill out of the cup, let alone around the machine and on the ground.Because oil tends to contaminate materials and affect product quality.

4 quantitative cooking oil filling machine, automatic oil must be long-term storage, the surface height of worm gear oil into the oil, shall all be come on time, before starting the midway can press the bearing temperature rise and add the running status.If used frequently, the new oil should be replaced every three months. The oil plug at the bottom of the mantrum can be used for oil release.

5. When the machine is finished or stopped, take out the rotating drum for cleaning and brush off the remaining powder in the bucket, and then install it properly to prepare for the next use.

6. If the machine is stopped for a long time, the whole body of the automatic quantitative cooking oil filling machine must be wiped clean.

Automatic ration cooking oil filling machine is very highly regarded by its enterprise because of its high cost performance, if you want to better prolongs the service life of automatic quantitative cooking oil filling machine, must be in this special season maintenance it well.