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How to carry out the daily maintenance of oven

Oct 15, 2018

1. Clean surface and inner cavity dust to keep the machine clean and sanitary.


2. Check whether the current of the ammeter is the same as normal. If there is anything out of the ordinary, inform the maintainer to check.


3. When the power goes out suddenly, turn off the heating switch to prevent the power from starting automatically when it calls.


4. Check whether the fan is in normal operation and if there is any abnormal sound, shut down the machine immediately and inform the maintainer to check and repair.Buying a high temperature oven is like buying clothes for oneself, want to suit oneself, but should consider with much factor even, because choose and buy high temperature oven to want to talk about how to choose the high temperature oven that suits his company to suit oneself not only, want to consider the factor such as the environment that oneself company, job demand and use temperature.Here are a few factors to consider when making a purchase:


1. The feeding


It is important to know the weight and volume of the material to make better use of the space.How to get the product in.You can layer the oven.Configuration tray, there are net disk, solid disk, punch disk.If more can use the material frame, frame.But there's a problem.Whether the operator is convenient to operate.There should be a choice in the height of the oven to make it easy for employees to operate and improve work efficiency.


2. The temperature


Each item or equipment has certain temperature requirements, but some requirements are very strict.And high temperature oven has certain requirement to temperature.Choose a temperature 10 degrees higher than the actual use.Calculate the actual temperature difference according to the process requirement to guarantee the baking effect.For example, if the temperature is 150 degrees, 220 degrees, 360 degrees, 440 degrees, the zui high design temperature is 500 degrees.Four temperatures, if it's the same product.Control on zui good choice silicon control.For different products, the temperature difference is slightly larger at low temperatures.150 degrees and 220 degrees for practical use, not as good as a low temperature oven.Use a medium oven of 500 degrees, with a baking temperature of 150 degrees 2 to 5 degrees higher than a low oven of 250 degrees.It depends on the quality of the equipment.The oven is divided into low temperature (0-250 degrees), medium temperature (250-600 degrees) and high temperature (600-1500 degrees) over 1200 degrees. Carbon silicon rod heating is recommended by the company, which can be selected according to the technological requirements of the product.The temperature difference directly affects the quality of the product.


3. Place


Different articles require different Spaces to be placed, and articles should be placed in a convenient place to use.If the oven is placed on the floor.Think about getting in the door and into the elevator.Items should be considered suitable for handling and placed in a convenient location for use and the next transport.