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How to increase the production of ice cream cone more effectively

Jun 05, 2018

On a hot summer day, it's common to see people lining up in front of the ice cream machine at the ice cream parlor waiting for the cone to hit.First of all, according to the daily traffic and the number of cones to choose suitable production of ice cream machine, once again, can choose high cooling efficiency, power performance good compressor configuration of ice cream machine, there is a time when the user itself in the use of ice cream machine, attention should be paid to some skills, so that we can try to reduce the queue waiting time and maintain machines.

1. Put the ice cream paste in the refrigerator and cool to about 5 degrees. Try to avoid too low temperature.

2. Due to the outdoor temperature is higher, the temperature of the storage of ice cream slurry in cylinder will with temperature rising, please adjust the compressor fixed interval of time to rest, can lower the temperature of the cylinder in ice cream machine, the customer will not wait for a long time while waiting in line,

3. When selling ice cream cone, try to avoid the same taste has been hit, to stagger the taste, take turns to use three flavors of ice cream cone, so that can improve the yield and the relative hardness of ice cream, to a certain extent, also is a kind of protection of the compressor, prolong the service life of the compressor;

4. If ice cream powder is used, it can be stirred in cold water, and some edible ice cubes can be used to replace drinking water when stirring, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid cooling.