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How to maintain the electronic forklift

Dec 28, 2018

1, the main maintenance of the balance body to check the cylinder, remove air and lubrication.

2. Check the oil level once every six months. When the forklift scales inject new oil into the rubber container less than 5mm below the liquid level, the cargo must be in the lowest position when refueling.,

3, to replace the seals, air may enter the hydraulic system, put the joystick in the lowest position, and then swing the handle a dozen times.

4. Use motor oil or lubricating oil to lubricate the movable parts.

5. In addition, daily inspection and maintenance should be paid attention to. The inspection of forklift scales can reduce wear as much as possible, and special attention should be paid to the control of wheels, axles, forks, lifting and lowering.

6, every time the work is completed, the fork should be empty and lowered to the lowest position.