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How to prevent PE bag ink

Apr 09, 2019

PE(polyethylene) is a thermoplastic resin made from ethylene by polymerization.In industry, PE material is more used as packaging material for food, medicine, fertilizer and industrial products. We usually call it PE plastic bag.PE bags in the spray code usually use adhesion good small character printer to achieve.But there are some problems in the process of identification, such as ink.

How to prevent ink, there are the following considerations:

The first point: printer ink, solvent shelf life.Small characters spurt the code machine ink solvents need recycled in the pipeline, that for small production enterprise users, a bottle of ink, usually with 1 year, two years, even spurt the code machine material circulation in line for a long time use is bound to produce change, spray printing to the words on the bags will be according to the circumstances of the ink is in different level off the ink.Try to avoid the printer supplies in the pipeline for a long time to store.

Second point: PE material composition.Another reason for ink drop is because the packaging manufacturers updated the PE bag material chemical composition, these look slightly different from the appearance of packaging bags, can directly affect its ink jet printer absorption.

Third point: whether through the high temperature cooking and other special processing procedures.Although the inkjet printer in the sales process will communicate with the manufacturers in detail inkjet conditions, if the enterprise user production process changes, will also affect the adhesion of inkjet ink.