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How to solve the sauce filling machine sauce separation phenomenon

Feb 26, 2019

Sauce filling machine, due to the different sauce so filling machine and the scheme is also more complicated to choose collocation, filled in, the most headache should be oil sauce separation, the separation of oil sauce, sauce distribution non-uniform, the error is big, the buyer is not willing to, furthermore sauce separation will also affect the taste, the following is the Shanghai mooha plan:


Firstly, the primary problem of sauce separation is layering, so we only need to add a stirring device before filling, and our stirring device still operates on a double-shaft wheel, which can make the sauce stir more evenly.Or, is the customer's sauce filling solution.Some customers for reservoir height has a very stringent requirements, so we could start with the sauce filling well, add a cooking oil filling machine, oil into the bottle so that it can be quantitative, of course this is for filling oil sauce filling height requirements more stringent, the most as long as a sauce filling machine can be solved.


Of course, these also need to refer to the practice of the customer's sauce, if you need to heat, can also add insulation device.