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Jam production line equipment

Feb 20, 2019

Jam contains natural fruit acid, can promote the secretion of digestive juice, have the effect of enhancing appetite and helping digestion.Jam can also increase the pigment, iron deficiency anemia has auxiliary effect.Jam is rich in potassium, zinc elements, can eliminate fatigue, enhance memory.Infants eat jam can supplement calcium, phosphorus, prevent rickets.We often see applesauce, strawberry jam, orange jam and so on.These are very delicious and popular.


The uniformity of jam production line equipment is very strong, that is, one production line can process a variety of jam, such as strawberry jam, apple jam, mulberry jam and so on.In addition to containing large amounts of fructose, sucrose and pectin, water, but also contains a certain amount of fruit acid, vitamins, protein, fat and iron, phosphorus, calcium and other essential nutrients.Mainly including cleaning equipment, lifting equipment, picking equipment, crushing equipment, pre-cooking equipment, boiling equipment, glass bottle filling machine, bottle washing machine, capping machine, capping machine, post-sterilization equipment, blow-dry machine, labeling machine, code spraying machine, packing equipment, etc..