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label packing machine for food safe from Shanghai mooha

Mar 27, 2019

With the rapid development of the takeout market, ordering food and ordering takeout through mobile client are favored by more and more young people.

Through the implementation of food safety seal project, the food box "on the insurance", can be a good way to prevent food contamination in the distribution process, to ensure the delivery of food "last mile" safety, which is not only responsible for the food safety of consumers, but also a kind of self-protection and improvement of food and beverage business.In addition, it further improves the whole process system of food safety control in the field of online ordering, further strengthens the food delivery management, enhances the food safety awareness of food delivery personnel, improves the quality and delivery, and ensures the food safety of food delivery.

By using disposable seals for takeaway food boxes, the food packaging is indeed prevented from being opened in the delivery process to a certain extent to ensure the safety of food delivery.However, the use of disposable food packaging seal also requires the use of professional labeling equipment, such as automatic labeling machine, sticker labeling machine, set of label machine.This kind of equipment adopts elastic and compressive labeling belt, labeling is flat, no wrinkles, improve the quality of food packaging.At the same time, the food box label is firmly pasted to avoid the falling off of the seal caused by foreign factors in the process of transportation, so as to avoid contamination of the food.

Shanghai mooha, a professional packing machine with 7 years experience in exporting, can supply multi function packing machine.

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