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Liquid and powder filling technology for coffee

Apr 16, 2019

The filling machine adopts gravity filling method.The bottle into the filling machine will rise to a certain height. At this time, the filling valve will be opened for filling. After filling, the bottle will be lowered back to the original position and sent to the capping machine.Filling valve is equipped with o-type silicone sealing ring, which can ensure no liquid leakage.At the same time, filling machine has no bottle not filling function, reduce production accidents.

After the filling, the cap should be sealed.Cover sealing machine can automatically cover, cover, screw cover.The screw cap adopts the form of magnetic force to adjust the torque, and the tightness of screw cap can be adjusted flexibly.Does not injure the bottle cap, and can guarantee the seal tightly.

Liquid filling production line, machinery and liquid contact parts are made of stainless steel materials, in line with national health standards.The equipment adopts the centralized transmission mode, and the operation process is very smooth.Variable frequency speed control is also one of the advantages of liquid filling machine, filling speed can be adjusted flexibly.

The liquid filling production line is mainly used for filling liquid coffee. Instant coffee, as a powder food, can be packaged by a powder packaging machine.The powder packaging machine adopts servo drive system, the packaging precision is high, the performance is stable.The equipment has powerful functions and can automatically complete a series of processes such as filling, inflating and spraying codes.

A man-machine interface is installed on the surface of the powder packaging machine to facilitate operators to input or debug data.Packaging bag sealing and cutting with high sensitivity photoelectric eye tracking, cutting and sealing position is accurate.The temperature of sealing adopts PID control, suitable for plastic bags, paper bags and other kinds of packaging bags.At the same time, the equipment also has the function of positioning stop, will not cause the waste of packaging materials.

Powder packaging machine in addition to packaging instant coffee, milk powder, tea, seasoning and other powdered food is "a piece of cake".In addition, the powder packaging machine can also be used for liquid, sauce body, granular material packaging, to achieve a multi-purpose machine.